My Body, My Writing: An Introduction

I am an athlete. I am a writer. (See bio here)

I know myself two ways: through my physical experience, and through my writing.

I express myself, and connect with others, two ways: through my physical expression (walking, talking, rowing, golfing, climbing, thinking) and through my writing (books, articles, this blog.)

I hope this blog enables me to know myself better, and to communicate with others who care deeply about physical activity, recreation, health, fitness, sports, and the habit of exercise.

Through this blog I hope to share the daily joy of movement. I hope to inspire, and I hope to learn.

We are all athletes. We have all been blessed with bodies.

Bodies in motion stay in motion, and bodies in motion stay healthy happy, hopeful.

Let’s “get a move on” together.

Mariah Burton Nelson
American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation


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