Every Day Your Body Changes

At the end of Karen Voight’s Yoga Sculpting DVD, after you’ve done Warrior One and Warrior Two and Downward Facing Dog and Chair Pose until you’re literally blue in the face, Voight says, “Just notice how your body’s feeling. Every day it changes.”

Every day your body changes.

Why? Because of how you feed it, water it, stretch it, strengthen it. Because of how you take care of it, or don’t. (And yes, Karen Voight is INCREDIBLY buff, and no, looking like Karen Voight is really NOT the point, and NOT achievable for most people.)

One of the greatest miracles is the miracle of an individual human’s evolution: from infant to toddler, kid, teen, young adult, older adult, old person: every day our bodies change.

But this is not “automatic.” How we grow – straight or crooked, healthy or sick – is largely a function of how we treat these sensitive organisms called our bodies.

This miracle of growth and change — all the sensations of skin and muscle and breath — should be, if we’re paying attention, sufficient to prevent all boredom forever.

More importantly, this miracle alone – the fact that our bodies are changing every day — should be, if we’re paying attention, sufficient motivation to persuade us to be kind to these miraculous bodies.

This seems to be Karen Voight’s point. Pay attention — without judgment. Every day your body changes. A simple fact. Are you doing everything you possibly can to facilitate positive change?

Are you paying attention?

Mariah Burton Nelson
American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation

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