Do you remember how much fun a bike ride can be?

Mount Vernon Trail Fall

Every time I ride my bike I remember being a kid, pedaling like crazy down on the way to Lefty Wright’s house for a softball game, or out to the woods to play in the “crick,” or just AROUND; we did a lot of just riding for the sake of riding – not for exercise, but for joy. We pretended the bikes were horses, but we didn’t need to pretend much, because the bikes themselves were so much more fun than any fantasy, more thrilling than any amusement park ride. Cyclists along the Mount Vernon Trail, near DC, smile at me sometimes (WAY more often than the gym rats), perhaps sharing this secret history, this remembered and recovered ecstasy. Plus, look at the trees, the water, the light. Who wouldn’t be in love with life when pedaling a bike?


3 Responses to “Do you remember how much fun a bike ride can be?”

  1. Fitness Over 50 Says:

    I used to ride a bike all the time.

    However, rollerblading has taken over. Blading on path like the one in the photo is a fantastic way to exercise.

    Whether its biking or blading, both are great ways to enjoy a sunny day outdoors.


  2. gratuit jeux Says:

    Bonne info , merci cela va m’etre utile !

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